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At a weekly or monthly interval, we will roast and ship you a 12oz bag of whole-bean coffee automatically. The listed price includes USPS shipping, and the coffee ships out within 24 hours of roasting. The system will require you to set up an account with us in advance, which you can do at the "account" link at the upper right of this page, or right here. With your account login, you can access our online subscription manager, which allows you to make changes for future orders - address and payment info, order frequency, skip/pause/reschedule orders, etc. (Keep in mind that any changes will only affect future orders and that there may be an order that we’re already working on but you haven’t received. Also, note the upon purchasing the subscription, it immediately queues your first order, so it isn't possible to schedule the first order that ships out.)

The Espresso subscription option is for our Pillow Fight Espresso, the Decaf subscription option is for our current decaf offering, and the Rotating option supplies you with a rotation of all of our other standard-priced coffees (excluding the espresso and decaf). Alternatively, you can select a specific coffee from the drop-down menu. However, note that these coffees do change every couple of months. When that happens, we will substitute your selection with another coffee of a similar flavor profile. Whenever you want to change to a different coffee, you can log into the subscription manager and change to a different coffee option.

Thanks, and we'll get some delicious coffees ready for you!

Sorry, US addresses only!

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