Q: WTF? You moved to California?
A: Yes. For purely family and personal reasons, we picked up and moved to San Francisco, California. It's lovely! Come visit!


Q: Can I order your coffee mail-order?
A: After much anticipation, the answer can finally be YES!


Q: How do you source your coffees?
A: Sourcing of green coffee is a very complicated issue to be sure. There's a lot of talk of "fair trade" and "direct trade" and everything in between, and there's as much misinformation as there is information out there.

We're currently sourcing our coffees through both existing and new import/export relationships, and for now, we feel very comfortable that our coffee sourcing is representative of the highest standards of ethics and economic sustainability. We will continue to work on improving the relationships that we have with our green coffee suppliers in ways that are beneficial to all.


Q: Why is your "Where to Buy" list so short? Why aren't there more places to buy your coffee?
A: Simply put, we designed Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters to be focused on serving customers directly from our own coffeebars and online via mail-order, rather than wholesale sales. What that means is that when we DO have wholesale relationships, they're exactly the sort of people we want to work with... and by "sort of people we want to work with," we mean the sort of people we want to be friends with!

Thoughtful, kind, and wanting to do something special through their work. Also, we're committed to working with local Bay Area businesses, with a few at the most within a couple day's ground shipping (like in Seattle and Los Angeles).

Put that all together, and we're growing our "where to find" list very slowly. But that's okay, right?


Q: How are your coffees packaged?
A: GREAT QUESTION! We're proud to be able to state that all of our coffees are now roasted and packed in BIODEGRADABLE air-tight heat-sealed paper bags with degasing valves from our friends at Tek Pak Solutions. A brand-new product on the market, these are, as far as we know, the first biodegradable coffee bag of its kind. We are firm believers in the necessity of preventing oxidation of coffee, and the only practical way to do that is a sealed bag with a valve that allows gases out, but prevents ambient air from getting in. Until this particular bag, there was no biodegradable bag that could do this. This "omni-degradable" bag can be composted, recycled, or thrown in the trash as it will break down in both aerobic and anaerobic landfill environments. It's important to note that the tin-ties and one-way valves do NOT yet biodegrade, so we suggest you remove them depending on how you dispose of the bags (you'll need to cut-out or pull them off).

If you're a coffee roaster interested in these bags, send us an email or tweet at us and we'll get you Tek Pak's contact info.


Q: How many coffee beans are in each bag?
A: Shut up, that's a stupid question. However, it's important to note that most of our whole-bean coffees are offered in 12 ounce (net weight, 340g) quantities, while most of our espresso offerings are offered in a 16 ounce (net weight, 454g) size. We do not offer our coffee pre-ground.


Q: Why is there so little information about the coffee on your bags?
A: Find more information here on our website, on a display where the coffee is displayed, or by asking the coffee professional who's offering it.

However, we still want to keep our coffee information fairly straight-forward and focused on enhancing the coffee experience.


Q: Do you offer a "dark roast?"
A: Our particular roasting aesthetic tries to strike a perfect balance of sweetness, brightness, and deep flavor development. "Dark roasting" takes the roast much deeper, in a way that tends to shroud the nuanced and lively flavors in the spectacular coffees that we've sourced, resulting in a cup character that we don't find to be a good representation of the coffees. So while our roast-level will vary a bit from coffee to coffee, you won't find our coffees dark-roasted.


Q: How should I brew coffee for the best flavor?
A: We'll be developing some resources to help you in your coffee brewing. In the mean time, there are some great new online resources for that. Google is your friend!


Q: Why is your website's main page a big collage of stuff?
A: It is?


Q: Who did your logo?
A: The lovely and talented Nikki Arcieri. Check her out at: nicolearcieridesign.com


Q: Do you have a blog? How do I keep up-to-date on what's going on with you?
A: Rather than clutter up our website, how about we use Twitter and our Facebook page for that sort of stuff?



More questions? Send us an email!